Hashima / Gunkanjima

"Hashima / Gunkanjima" is my first book, auto-edited.
The book presents, over 40 pages, many photographies - most of which are unpublished before - of my work on the island of Hashima / Gunkanjima in Japan, in 2008.
I warmly thank all the people involved in the making of the book, and especially the team of happy photographers I made this trip with - hoping to see some cool projects from their sides too !

Release: 2009
Characteristics: Format 25x20cm | 40 pages | 135g paper | softcover
How to buy:
- At the library "L'Atelier d' cot", rue du Jourdain 75020 Paris France
- Or by contacting me:

English translation: Jennifer Kettles
Japanese translation: Rinko Tanaka